Air Freight​

Exploiting our widespread international service network as a custom-made house agency, HNP Shipping and Logistics is dependable. This includes timely submission of paperwork to avoid heavy fines, prompt payment of customs duty to prevent any further interest on the amount, and comprehensive knowledge of all customs regulations. We are highly particular about how products should be classified. We deliver the best air freight service to our customers, with a focus on hassle-free customs clearance.

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    Worldwide Airline Agreements

    HNP Shipping and Logistics worldwide airline agreements are awarded for each central trade lane based on airlines' particular pricing and transit time, their potential to improve efficiency to our customers' supply chains, and their set allocations. As a result of HNP Shipping and Logistics better transit times, choice of aircraft routes, highly competitive cost structure, and capacity to offer logistical solutions, our clients are pretty satisfied with our services.

    Air Cargo

    Due to its status as a trade lead in air cargo pallet nets, HNP Shipping and Logistics air cargo pallet nets have been developed to meet or surpass all criteria set out by FAA, EASA, and IATA. No other cargo restraint solution can compete with our extensive pallet net product line, which is widely recognized for its safety and cost-effectiveness in the industry at large.

    Since we have such a thorough grasp of the subject of cargo confinement, we can offer a wide range of solutions to suit our customers' most demanding transportation needs.

    HNP Shipping and Logistics, dedicate yourself to handling International Cargo Services and International Air Freight Service consignments by air universal.

    No matter the size, nature, or frequency of your cargo, we have a service that will meet your expectations and exceed your expectations. Being a portion of our air freight co-operations,

    • Whole-charter air freight
    • Assistant on board
    • Consolidation
    • Back-to-back
    • It's our courier service, ABC!

    Our Key Features:

    • It is the most long-lasting and reliable choice to transport your products anywhere in the country
    • Your cargo will handle with the utmost professionalism and care.
    • Pickup and deliver your shipments from the comfort of your own home
    • Guaranteed on-time delivery
    • You can count on our highly efficient crew to handle your freight and inquiries.
    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Enhanced Tracking System

    Benefits from our Air Freight Services

    • Our freight option is the most time-efficient for numerous locations across the globe.
    • We are transporting people and goods to areas where other modes of transportation are not feasible due to infrastructure constraints.
    • Global reach from a single focus point
    • Inventory expenses are reduced while flexibility is improved.
    • On-time arrival and departure timings.
    • No matter where in the world you are, our core carrier program guarantees the most extraordinary possible circumstances for uplift.

    Ground Handling

    If you need ground handling setup or coordination, we can help! Aircraft we have flown include passenger, cargo, VIP trips, and diplomatic or military missions. Whether a passenger trip, a cargo flight, or a VIP flight, we can provide comprehensive aircraft handling with all services, such as air stairs, GPU, push back, and tow bar.

    Ground Transportation

    Whatever your transportation needs, we can arrange and organize them for you. Use our expertise to ensure that your guests or employees have the most significant possible connection to your destination.

    Documentation and compliance assistance for air freight

    There are constantly new criteria for compliance in the air freight industry, and HNP Shipping and Logistics staff is always up-to-date. Because we have first-hand knowledge of the local circumstances and the norms and regulations, we can take care of all the administrative processes and documentation and ensure the seamless processing of your air cargo – no matter where it is on the globe. This includes clearance of customs, security, license requirements, and adherence to other local rules.

    Transporters of air cargo

    As a result, we work with various reputable airlines and air freight carriers to ensure that your air freight cargo arrives securely, on schedule, and within budget. This means that you may deliver your goods anywhere and anytime since they have the knowledge and capacity necessary to do it.

    Goods can be transported by air for a variety of reasons. Some of these are:

    • Transporting air freight is fast, especially if you select an express service. Sea freight, on the other hand, might take many weeks to reach its destination.
    • Smaller deliveries at a reasonable price – If you're sending tiny packages by air, you'll save money since you'll be paid based on weight instead of volume.
    • Exporters have additional alternatives with air freight, such as consoles and direct routes.
    • It is less probable that the shipment will be damaged if the goods are correctly packed.
    • Shipments can be more easily traced as flights are tracked, giving businesses more peace of mind.

    Air Freight Management with a HNP Shipping and Logistics

    If you're interested in coordinating corporate or individual parcel or cargo delivery, we can help you out for your business. If you're looking for expedited and on-time delivery, contact our professionals.

    Every time a shipment crosses international borders, customs clearance processes must be planned for and accurately recorded. Working with a HNP Shipping and Logistics for air shipping means you're covered in all areas, from expedited service to customs clearance and package delivery.


    Global reach, local knowledge, and adaptable goods are all provided by our Air Freight Experts.

    • A staff of our charter team will be ready to help you on the ground to ensure that all parts of your cargo charter operate well.
    • Your goods will arrive closer to their final destination if you have access to additional airports.
    • In addition to extensive training and tarmac experience, each of our charter specialists thoroughly understands what it takes to run a charter flight from start to end.
    • A global network of offices allows us to deliver local knowledge on a worldwide scale no matter where your cargo is going or coming from.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Our purchasing ability and reliability enable us to get you the usual fair cargo charter pricing, ensuring that you forever get the most cost-effective choice
    • As we have access to 10,000 airplanes, we can always find the perfect aircraft for your cargo.
    • A dedicated charter specialist is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any questions you may have.

    For what reasons do companies hire HNP Shipping and Logistics for freight forwarders?

    Many firms view freight forwarders as a required expansion. Mistakes in the shipping process may be costly and cause items to be delayed in reaching their destinations.

    In addition to saving firms money, their extensive understanding of the import and export procedure is priceless.